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Wedding cake taster boxes

We have just finished preparing our wedding cake taster boxes and they are absolutely gorgeous. Finished to the highest quality, reflecting our brand perfectly.

"By now I'm sure you guys understand my passion for perfection, these cake tasters are just divine. Made traditionally from the very finest local ingredients."

We offer free samples with our wedding cake consultations for you to take home and we always have cake out for you to try too. I'm just a little bit of a feeder!

Hey, let's face can never have too much cake.

But these boxes are just that little bit extra special and cost £35.00 for our couples or past clients. You can pick 6 flavours and they come posted to your door. They are a very generous sizing so ideal for you and your partner to share or have a good old slice all to yourself!

They also make such a beautiful gift, so elegant and just simply gorgeous. So if you would like to gift a box. Just let me know if you would like to send a personal message and I can include this for you.

The boxes are £45.00 if you aren't on our books or a past client. (Our couples get a discount because they are super special).

We don't make cake pot samples because it doesn't reflect your cake. I like your samples to be as close to your wedding cake as possible. They take longer to produce but that doesn't matter, it gives you a great feel for how your cake would taste on the day.

Plus sometimes your cake gets eaten very fast and you need to make the most of your sample tasters!

We have a huge array of flavours, and our couples pick what suits them. It's all completely personal. We also offer gluten free cake boxes too.

(All allergen info is included within your boxes.) And it goes without saying..please make us aware of any intolerances prior to appointments so we can make our space and boxes safe for you.

Our 5 star Food Standard Agency award is displayed within our gorgeous wedding cake showroom.

So if you would like something that little bit extra special, order yourself a cake sample box.

A word of warning though.. they are super addictive!

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