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Newly Engaged?

Congratulations to all of the newly engaged couples!

It is very exciting starting January and hearing about all of the proposals over Christmas and New Year.

"What a perfect time to start exploring the world of weddings"

The month of January is a very busy month for us. You have timed it just right if you are about to start your planning.

It's a world of wedding inspiration right now.

During January we will be joining all of our venue events teams for their wedding showcases and we are non stop with our new cake consultations within our showroom. So if you are thinking about coming along too, just fill in our contact form and we will send you some availability.

Once you have a date I would always advise to touch base with your favourite suppliers as it can be very disappointing when we are all fully booked. We all book years ahead.

There is so much inspiration in January and hopefully you won't find it too overwhelming. Once the plans start coming together everything slots into place.

During our appointments I guide you throughout, no decisions need to be made at all. It just helps me taylor your sketches for you. Most couples are planning at least a year, two or three ahead so it's just ideal for you to checking the sizings and finishes and then you can recap prior to your special day. And of course sample the many cake flavours throughout this time.

So if you are newly engaged or just wanting to get planning now 2024 I hope to see you very soon.

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